ESO Committees

About ESO Committees

The ESO supports several committees to further its mission. ESO committees are comprised of dedicated ESO members. All members are encouraged to join a committee which aligns with their interests. Members can nominate themselves or someone else for committee membership. There are no additional fees associative with committee membership.

Working Rules for ESO Committees

BRAIN and HEART Council
Martin Köhrmann (Chair), Germany
Azmil Abdul-Rahim, UK
Marcel Arnold, Switzerland
Elsa Azevedo, Portugal
Michal Bar, Czech Republic
Theodore Karapanayiotides, Greece
Maurizio Paciaroni, Italy
Marta Rubiera, Spain


Dementia Committee
Ana Verdelho (Chair), Portugal
Geert Jan Biessels, Netherlands
Hugues Chabriat, France
Andreas Charidimou, UK, Greece/Cyprus, US
Marco Düring, Germany
Franz Fazekas, Austria
Olivier Godefroy, France
Leonardo Pantoni, Italy
Aleksandra Pavlovic, Serbia
Joanna Wardlaw, UK
Education Committee
David Werring (Chair), United Kingdom
Ana Catarina Fonseca, Portugal
Christine Kremer, Sweden
Branko Malojcic, Croatia
Michael Mazya, Sweden
Joan Montaner, Spain
Thierry Moulin, France
Georgios K. Tsivgoulis, Greece
Alastair Webb, United Kingdom
Suzanna Zuurbier, Netherlands
Endovascular Stroke Treatment Task Force
Urs Fischer (Chair), Switzerland
Valeria Caso, Italy
Antonio Herrando Davalos, Spain
Jens Fiehler, Germany
Miquel Lopez Gallofré, Spain
Adam Kobayashi, Poland
Yvo Roos, Netherlands
Guillaume Turc, France
Guidelines Board
Thorsten Steiner (Chair), Germany
Guillaume Turc (Chair), France
Natan Bornstein, Israel
Hanne Christensen, Denmark
Anne Hege Aamodt, Norway
Pooja Kathri, USA
Eleni Korompoki, Greece
Quinn Terry, UK
Danilo Toni, Italy
Health Economics Working Group
Dominik Cadilhac (Chair), United Kingdom
Eivind Berge, Norway
Hanne Christensen, Denmark
Gary Ford, United Kingdom
Anita Patel, United Kingdom
Anna Ranta, New Zealand
Katarina Sunnerhagen, Sweden
Vincent Thijs, Belgium
Christian Weimar, Germany
International Liaison Committee
Georgios K. Tsivgoulis (Chair), Greece
Joseph Broderick, USA
Sami Curtze, Finland
Robin Lemmens, Belgium
Ayrton Massaro, Brazil
Maurizio Paciaroni, Italy
Hawraman Ramadan, United Kingdom
Peter Schellinger, Germany

The International Liaison Committee is in charge of the ESO endorsement of scientific activities. For the ESO endorsement application form, please click here.

Industry Round Table Task Force
Peter Schellinger (Chair), Germany
Eivind Berge, Norway
Valeria Caso, Italy
Charlotte Cordonnier, France
Jesse Dawson, UK
Martin Dichgans, Germany
Urs Fischer, Switzerland
Patrick Michel, Switzerland
Bart van der Worp, Netherlands

more information will follow.

Membership Committee
Thompson G. Robinson (Chair), United Kingdom
Anne Hege Aamodt, Norway
Maria Alonso de Leciñana, Spain
Ana Catarina Fonseca, Portugal
Mira Katan, Switzerland
Michael Knoflach, Austria
Yoshihiro Kokubo, Japan
Liping Liu, China
Jeyaraj Pandian, India
Neurorehabilitation Committee

Andreas Luft (Chair), Switzerland
Margrit Alt Murphy, UK
Stefan Engelter, Switzerland
Agnes Flöel, Germany
Thierry Keller, Spain
Tobias Nef, Switzerland
Geert Verheyden, Belgium
Marion Walker, UK
Nick Ward, UK

Paediatric Stroke Committee


more information will follow

Public Relations Committee
Marialuisa Zedde (Chair), Italy
Anita Arsovska, Macedonia
Cornelia Brunner, Austria
Pietro Caliandro, Italy
Kailash Krishnan, UK
Else Charlotte Sandset, Norway
Paola Santalucia, Italy
Simulation Education Committee
Paola Santalucia (Chair), Italy
Barbara Casolla, France
Laszlo Csiba, Hungary
Maria Alonso De Lecinana Cases, Spain
Simon Jung, Switzerland
Andrè Kemmling, Germany
Robert Mikulik, Czech Republic
Raquel Neves, United Arab Emirates
Waltraud Pfeilschifter, Germany
Veronika Svobodova, Czech Republic
Social Media Committee
Francesco Corea (Chair), Italy
Hrvoje Budincevic, Croatia
Andreas Charidimou, USA
Gian Marco De Marchis, Switzerland
Natalie Nasr, France
Halvor Øygarden, Norway
Stela Rutovic, Croatia
Marialuisa Zedde, Italy
Stroke Unit Committee
Ulrike Waje-Andreassen (Chair), Norway
Laurent Derex, France
Diederik Dippel, Netherlands
Stefan Engelter, Switzerland
Damian Jenkinson, UK
Darius Nabavi, Germany
Fethiye D. Orken, Turkey
Ondrej Skoda, Czech Republic
Ivan Staikov, Bulgaria
Andrea Zini, Italy
Telestroke Committee
Gordian Hubert (Chair), Germany
Sonia Abilleira, Spain
Andrey Alasheev, Russia
Jessica Balinn, Germany
Francesco Corea, Italy
Gustavo Santo, Portugal
Silvia Tur Campos, Spain
Geert Vanhooren, Belgium
Bojana Zvan, Slovenia
Trials Network Committee
Peter Kelly (Chair), Ireland
Anita Arvoska, Mazedonia
Eivind Berge, Norway
Urs Fischer, Switzerland
Gary Ford, United Kingdom
Blanca Fuentes, Spain
Robin Lemmes, Belgium
Paul Nederkoorn The Netherlands
Rustam Al-Shahi Salman, United Kingdom
Christian Weimar, Germany
Young Stroke Physicians & Researchers Committee
Else Charlotte Sandset (Chair), Norway
Diana Aguiar de Sousa, Portugal
Jonathan Coutinho, Netherlands
Johannes Kaesmacher, Switzerland
Linxin Li, United Kingdom
Inna Lutsenko, Kyrgyzstan
Nicolas Martinez Majander, Finland
Giuseppe Reale, Italy
Antje Schmidt, Germany
Peter Vanacker, Belgium

For further information on the Young Stroke Physicians Committee.

ESO Committee Nomination

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Nominations for committee members will be forwarded to the committee’s chair who will submit a proposal to the ESO Executive Committee for approval.  Please see the committees working rules for further information.