The Stroke Action Plan for Europe (SAP-E) is a pan-European initiative that was outlined by the European Stroke Organisation (ESO) and the Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE).

It is the largest stroke project ever undertaken in Europe and sets targets to improve stroke care across the continent run until 2030.

The SAP-E is a truly collaborative document resulting from more than a year of dedicated efforts from ESO, SAFE and countless stakeholders. The SAP-E addresses the entire chain of care from primary prevention through to life after stroke. The aim of the SAP-E is to set a roadmap and define goals for the treatment of stroke in Europe through 2030. The plan was formally launched in the EU Parliament on 23 May 2018.

The implementation of the SAP-E is guided by a dedicated Steering Committee and a coalition of over 90 National Coordinators.

By 2030, SAP-E aims to

  • Reduce the absolute number of strokes in Europe by 10%.
  • Treat 90% of all patients with stroke in Europe in a stroke unit as the first level of care.
  • Have national plans for stroke encompassing the entire chain of care.
  • Fully implement national strategies for multi-sectorial public health interventions promoting and facilitating a healthy life-style, and reducing environmental (including air pollution), socio-economical and educational factors that increase the risk of stroke.