Join us now in the fight to reduce the burden of stroke.

Become an ESO Member and take your participations in stroke science to the next level!

As a member, you can actively participate in a variety of ESO projects and committees. You have the right to vote for the ESO leadership and to shape the future of stroke impact in Europe. Through the involvement of our members, ESO will achieve to harmonise stroke management and take action to reduce the burden of stroke regionally and globally.

Sign up as an ESO Member today and join your colleagues in ESO’s mission to reduce the burden of stroke in Europe.

Regular Membership

ESO offers an annual membership. ESO members are stroke physicians, researchers, allied health professionals, and industry representatives. ESO is a young, dynamic organisation which strives to meet the needs of its members. Learn more about ESO member benefits in this short video.

For details on membership reductions, please click here.

Junior Membership

The ESO Junior membership applies to members who are not older than 35 in the year of application and must have participated in ONE of the following:

  • ESOC
  • Stroke Winter School or Edinburgh Stroke Research Workshop
  • European Master in Stroke Medicine

Make sure to upload all the required documents when registering online.

Fellow Membership

Please note: New criteria for Fellow membership have been initiated. Implementation is pending on the agreement of the ESO General Assembly (change to the ESO Bylaws). Decisions about FESO applications will be on hold until after the 2022 General Assembly (May 2022).

In addition to the standard ESO membership benefits, ESO Fellows benefit from a higher profile and more active membership in ESO.

Fellowship benefits include:

  • Listed as an ESO Fellow on the ESO website
  • Invited to participate in the Council of Fellows
  • Entitled to use the FESO designation
  • Included in annual Fellow distribution of ESO Fellow list – new benefit

Application: Current fellows can nominate members who meet the qualifications for membership as ESO Fellows.

Tom Robinson, former ESO Memberhsip Committee Chair speaks about FESO benefits in this brief video.

Should you wish to apply individually without a prior nomination, the minimum requirements are:

A) Demonstrated scientific quality

  • At least five publications on stroke or cerebrovascular diseases in international journals with peer-review with an impact factor  > 2 (all credited authors are eligible)
  • Active and sustained support of ESO Conferences.
  • Nomination by a current Fellow –  (please find the Fellow member list here)

B) Willingness to actively volunteer in ESO

  • Committees and/or
  • ESOC teaching courses (provide topics of expertise) and/or
  • ESO Stroke Summer or Winter School (provide topics of expertise) and/or
  • The country of origin or as an ESO “ambassador”
    (only applies if the applicant has currently any role or is a member of a stroke society, or other official, professional or lay organisation related to stroke/CVD).

All nominations by ESO Fellows as well as new application documents need to be sent to

For details on membership reductions, please click here.

Fellow Nomination

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