Honorary Members

ESO honors  outstanding stroke specialists through its Honorary Membership category. This category serves to recognise exceptional commitment to ESO, widely acknowledged scientific achievements and outstanding international reputation for excellence in the field of stroke. Eligibility for this esteemed category is limited to ESO members aged 60 years or older, who, in the estimation of the Executive Committee, have exhibited exceptional dedication to the ESO over many years and whose outstanding contributions have significantly advanced stroke research and care.

Prof. Marie-Germaine Bousser

Emeritus Professor, Paris-Diderot University, France (appointed 2023)

Prof. Stephen Davis

The University of Melbourne, Australia (appointed 2021)

Prof. Kennedy R. Lees

Institute of Cardiovascular & Medical Sciences, Glasgow, United Kingdom (appointed 2019)

Prof. Heinrich Mattle

Inselspital Bern, Switzerland (appointed 2018)

Prof. Michael Brainin

Donau University Krems, Austria (appointed 2016)

Prof. Didier Leys

University of Lille Lille, France (appointed 2014)

Prof. Markku Kaste

Helsinki University Central Hospital University of Helsinki Helsinki, Finland (appointed 2013)

Prof. Werner Hacke

Universitätsklinikum Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germamy (appointed 2012)