ESO Event Sponsorship

Throughout the year ESO organizes a multitude of events and activities focused on bringing stroke research, education and prevention to the forefront. These activities require continued support to make an impact. ESO is thankful for the industry’s sponsorship of its events and activities as well as the members of the ESO Industry Round Table (see below).

Some annual sponsorship opportunities include:
•    ESO Conference
•    ESO Stroke Science Workshop

If you have an idea for a workshop, seminar, meeting or other activity you would like to sponsor, please do not hesitate to contact the ESO Head Office.


Support the ESO as an ally against stroke by making a financial contribution. Your donation will support advocating for better health and improved patient care in Europe, education and research to prevent stroke.
Your donation will help us in our efforts to reduce the number of stroke-associated deaths and the burden caused by stroke throughout Europe.

Donations can be made in tribute or memorial to a loved one, as an individual or from a group.

For questions and assistance with your donation, please contact us on +41 61 686 77 76 or

ESO Industry Round Table Membership (IRT)

ESO Industry Round Table (IRT)

As a non-profit professional organisation and an NGO, ESO relies on sponsorship to carryout its mission to reduce the burden of stroke. To acknowledge the importance of the industry, ESO offers a special Industry Round Table (IRT) membership which allows corporations of all sizes to have a seat at the table and a voice in the planning of ESO activities. ESO also offers event specific sponsorship for all ESO conferences, meetings, events and special projects. ESO maintains full control of all scientific programming agendas.  ESO is extremely grateful for the support it receives from the industry which allows the organisation to focus on life saving actions to reduce the burden of stroke in Europe through political activism, education, and research.

IRT Membership

To renew your commitment to the ESO or inquire about joining the IRT please contact the ESO Head Office.

Benefits (excerpt)

  • ESO undertakes to mention the Industry Round Table (IRT) Member as such in its publications, website, and in documents related to events organised by ESO.
  • ESO undertakes to provide the IRT Member with copies of its publications.
  • ESO undertakes to hold two IRT meetings each year.
  • 2 ESO individual memberships for company representatives which allow them full membership benefits including, reduced registration fees to ESO events, Journal subscription, etc.
  • Access to the ESO for mutual promotion of stroke related educational events and activities.
  • Newsletter subscription and annual article submission (500 words and up to 2 photos).


ESO endeavours to offer multiple tiers of IRT membership in order to bring diverse voices to the table and maintain an IRT which is reflective of the stroke industry. ESO IRT membership encompasses standard members and Startup IRT membership. For more information on annual commitment, please contact Michèle Schaub Jackson.