ESO Blog and YSPR Corner 2019: Keep Calm and Carry On

By Linxin Li and Diana Aguiar de Sousa on behalf of the YSPR committee

Does Christmas always have you feeling extra Santa-mental?

Time flies and it is already time to say goodbye to 2019. As usual, in the last ESO blog of the year, we thought we would also take time to reflect briefly on some highlights of the year and also to look forward to the coming 2020.

  • This year, we are pleased to see another 10 young stroke physicians and researchers supported by the ESO Department-to-Department Visiting Programme for a short visit to a specialised stroke centre outside their home countries. Have a read of their exciting stories if you are curious and don’t forget the application deadline for 2020 is 28th February!
  • We had another year of success with the Research Design Workshop for Studies in Development at ESOC 2019 in Milan, where four young researchers presented and discussed their projects with experienced world leaders in stroke research. Come and join us in May 2020 for the ESO-WSO conference in Vienna!
  • 2019 is also an exciting year for the European Stroke Journal (ESJ) as it has now been fully indexed in PubMed Central. Our ESO blog is continuing to provide simultaneous summary and comments on high-impact studies published in the journal and please stay tuned for updates in stroke research with the ESO blog and ESJ in 2020!
  • ESO blog is also growing and we have covered a wide range of topics with our Friday educational corner, ranging from clinical training in stroke, clinical epidemiology, acute treatment or advanced imaging, to secondary prevention and rehabilitation. Moreover, we are also seeing an increasing diversity in post styles – we have incorporated videos in our clinical cases this year and more news is expected next year. If you are interested in our blog posts or if you are keen to join us for writing blog posts for 2020, please drop us an email (
  • Initiated by the Council of Fellows, we are also actively participating in the working group behind the Paper of the month, a new monthly feature to recognise interesting and relevant papers published by ESO members or with special relevance to Europe.

In addition to all the above and many other activities that are ongoing or in planning, the YSPR committee is also very glad with the continuous efforts of ESO to promote valuable educational activities for early career stroke physicians, as the ESO Stroke Summer School, the ESO-ESMINT-ESNR Winter School and the ESO Edinburgh Stroke Research Workshop. We hope with all our joint efforts together, more and more young stroke physicians and researchers will find it inspirational to join us to shape the future of patient care in stroke medicine, to promote stroke research and to make our voice heard.

Finally, none of the above activities would have been possible without the continuous hard work from not just our committee members, but also many other people in the big ESO family, and we own a big thank you to everyone!

Have a cosy holiday and happy New Year!

See you in 2020!

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