Stroke Research

5th European Stroke Science Workshop (ESSW) Report

5th European Stroke Science Workshop 28 – 30 November 2019 / Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany With >150 participants contributing expertise in different areas of stroke research, 2019 has seen another successful year for the European Stroke Science Workshop....

New Feature – Paper of the Month

Starting November 2019, we are excited to present a new monthly feature – Paper of the Month. This feature was initiated by the Council of Fellows to highlight interesting and relevant papers published by ESO members or with special relevance to Europe. Paper of...

Antihypertensive drugs: morning or evening?

There is emerging evidence in favour of evening vs. morning dosing in patients with diagnosed hypertension. Many questions remain to be answered before we can confidently change the timing of all our patients taking antihypertensive medication.