ESO Announces Stroke Summer School 2021 in Birmingham, UK

We are pleased to announce that ESO Stroke Summer School 2021 will be hosted in Birmingham, UK.

The ESO Stroke Summer School is a flagship event for ESO and a prestigious educational meeting for stroke trainees throughout Europe. The primary goal of the stroke summer school is to increase knowledge of cerebrovascular disease in physicians in training for stroke care in Europe by offering a concentrated series of high-quality courses on selected stroke medicine topics within a cost-effective budget. Secondary goals of the ESO summer school are to provide participants with teaching material they can use in their professional environment, and to foster contacts within the European stroke community.

The application from Birmingham was outstanding and ESO proudly welcomes Birmingham as the host for Stroke Summer School 2021.

Why Birmingham?

The West Midlands is a vibrant and multi-cultural region of England, housing Birmingham, the United Kingdom’s second city. The region contains nine hyperacute stroke units, each treating 700 – 1200 confirmed stokes annually. The Queen Elizabeth and Royal Stoke University Hospital units are part of comprehensive tertiary neurosciences centres that provide a regional 24 hour mechanical thrombectomy service. Both centres have a strong track record in neuro-intervention with Royal Stoke Hospital having performed the highest number of mechanical thrombectomies nationally. The diverse cultural, ethnic and socio-economical characteristics of the population present challenging stroke cases and rewarding clinical practice.

Academically, the institutions of Keele University, Warwick University and University of Birmingham are highly active in stroke research from basic science, acute care through to rehabilitation and cardiovascular prevention. Research activity among centres is coordinated locally by the Clinical Research Network (West Midlands Branch, National Institute of Stroke Research). There is robust contribution to the large portfolio of multicentre trials and equally enthusiastic support for new researchers and smaller projects. Research experience, learning and new evidence are shared in quarterly meetings and the network hosts an established regional event for stroke research awareness for patients and public. This alongside other similar activities enhances learning from patients and educates the public about all aspects of stroke with an emphasis in lifestyle, prevention and life after stroke.  The region prides itself on providing a rich source of clinical and academic stroke expertise.

Upcoming ESO Stroke Summer Schools

The 2019 ESO Stroke Summer school is hosted in Helsinki, Finland and in 2020 ESO Stroke Summer School will take place in Caen, France. We are confident that these hosts will maintain the very high standard set by previous ESO Summer Schools.

Apply to attend 2019 ESO Stroke Summer school.