By Else Charlotte Sandset and Peter Vanacker from the YSPR committee.

We are well into the preparations for the YSPR career mentoring workshop at ESOC in Milan in May next year. At the workshop you will have the opportunity to get constructive feedback on a current or planned protocol from stroke experts. The best presentation in the session will receive a place at the ESO stroke summer school in Helsinki next year. The abstract submission deadline is January 23rd 2019. Submit your abstract on the ESOC 2019 website.

Dr Jatinder S. Minhas (@DrJMinhas) is finishing his PhD in Stroke Medicine in Leicester, UK. He presented his current work at our workshop at ESOC this year, and we wanted to check in on his progress.

Would you advise young researchers to submit a research proposal to next year YSPR session in Milan?

Absolutely, the YSPR session is a unique experience, offering an opportunity to receive expert opinion (from outside your usual supervisory/mentor team) to improve the design and delivery of your research. In addition, presenting at ESOC and fielding questions on your research interests and directions opens up avenues including data sharing, potential collaborations and networking opportunities. The process is well organised, supportive and research projects at all stages of delivery are invited. I was fortunate to have already published my protocol, though the feedback provided me with a more considered approach to specific clinical and radiological outcome measures. Lastly, I have since met my mentor (Eivind Berge) at another conference and we have discussed progress and future plans. I felt there was a real investment into my research project and I have appreciated the more informal support I have continued to receive.

– Did the input by the mentors influenced the final research protocol, study and results?

As mentioned, I had already published the protocol for my study, however, as I prepare the results paper, there were certainly pointers that have helped shape the presentation of the results.

– What were the main boundaries in your journey to finalize the study after the YSPR session?

If I am honest, the YSPR session provided further motivation to complete recruitment and analyse the results. I was very pleased with the interest and support the project received and this provided momentum to ensure the project was delivered as planned.