ESO WISE Stroke Leadership Workshop

Promoting gender equity in academic stroke research and clinical trial leadership.

The ESO WISE Workshop is aimed at stroke neurologists, physicians and researchers at all career stages. The workshop is being offered in Milan in conjunction with #ESOC2019. You can register for the full conference on the ESOC 2019 website.

Why are there fewer women among clinical trialists and senior academic researchers, and how does this influence our research focus and practice? 

One declared aim of WISE is to support and enhance gender equity of leadership in the field of stroke. As part of this mission the first ESO WISE leadership workshop was successfully started arranged in 2018 with around 70 participants.

We look forward to welcoming you the second ESO-WISE leadership workshop on May 21 in Milan. Speakers are male and female opinion leaders from around the world. Join us for an interactive and informative session. Registration is open to anyone on “first-come-first-served” basis via the ESO head office (    

WISE welcomes female health professionals in the field of stroke. For more information check out our website, or email our Chair, Christine Kremer ( ) 



Moderators: Else Charlotte Sandset and Valeria Caso




18.00 – 18.05 Introduction

Hanne Christensen

Christine Kremer

18.05 – 18.20 Stroke in Women and Women in Stroke – what is the connection? Cheryl Bushnell
18.20 – 18.28 Major challenges and how I manage them Silke Walter
18.28 – 18.36 How I became a clinical trialist Pooja Khatri
18.36 – 18.44 Lack of female principal investigators in acute stroke trials (female perspective) Charlotte Cordonnier
18.44 – 18.52 Lack of female principal investigators in acute stroke trials (male perspective) Andrew Demchuk
18.52 – 19.00 Initiatives to promote and support women in stroke research Peter Kelly
19.00 – 19.05

Women in Academic Stroke medicine

STROKE journal

Natalia Sana Rost
19.05 – 19.10 What can the European Stroke Journal do? Bo Norrving
19.10 – 19.50 Panel discussion Speakers
19.50 – 20.00 Consensus Statement and Close

Else Charlotte Sandset

Mira Katan


Please register by 20 April 2019, via the ESO Head Office (, stating your affiliation and contact details. The workshop will be open for around 150 participants and registration will be on a “first come, first serve” basis.