How to Set up a Tele-Stroke Network Workshop Report

The first Telestroke workshop organized by the ESO Telestroke Committee took place in Munich, Germany from 5 to 6 July. the workshop was hosted by the Neurology staff of the Klinikum Harlaching chair Prof. Roman Haberl and the Tempis coordinators Gordian Hubert and Peter Muller-Bama.

The meeting was attended by 12 doctors coming from 7 different countries (Croatia, Italy, Macedonia, Philippines, Slovenia, Serbia and Spain).

Speakers from the Tempis staff, Dr. Frank Kraus and the ESO committee members gave a wide overview of the main solution and updates on the most advanced frontiers of telemedicine. Working groups simulated telemedicine models to be set up in each country, focusing on most disadvantaged geographical areas. A simulated call from a stroke centre was presented to the attendees. Also continental reimbursement policies, risk management aspects and technical issues were discussed.

The committee group looks forward producing shortly a recommendation paper and standard of certification for telestroke services.

The Committee members

Gordian Hubert (Chair), Germany
Sonia Abilleira, Spain
Andrey Alasheev, Russia
Jessica Balinn, Germany
Francesco Corea, Italy
Gustavo Santo, Portugal
Silvia Tur Campos, Spain
Geert Vanhooren, Belgium
Bojana Zvan, Slovenia