European Stroke Journal Fully Accepted into PubMed

We are very pleased to announce that the application of the European Stroke Journal for entry into PubMed has now been approved by the NCBI, and includes retrospective entering also of published articles from the start of the journal. The PubMed approval is a very important milestone for the journal (and for the ESO), and also a hallmark of the quality of the contents and all the steps in the publishing process.

We thank our colleagues at SAGE for their help with the application, and we thank all of you as ESO members for your continual support of the journal. Continue to submit your best science to the ESJ, continue with expert reviewer work when requested, and continue to build up the corpus of citations of the ESJ by including publications from the ESJ in your reference lists.   

Best wishes from a happy and proud editorial team,

Bo Norrving, Didier Leys, and Karin Klijn