ESO Telestroke Committee

The ESO Telestroke Committee aims to help European countries and health care professionals in the use of telemedicine for stroke care. As telemedicine is particularly helpful in areas where expert care is not widely available, the issue of telemedicine is closely related to the question of optimal area coverage in stroke care.

The committee defines recommendations in how to setup telemedicine networks, supports development of local networks through workshop activity and definition of certification/quality criteria for telemedicine assisted stroke units. It is also active in survey development to identify European areas where telemedicine is a potential solution to improve stroke care. The committee hosted the first ESO telestroke workshop in 2018.

The Telestroke committee would like to encourage anyone who is planning to set up a telemedicine assisted stroke network in his or her region to contact the committee for support

Telestroke Committee Members

Gordian Hubert (Chair), Germany
Sonia Abilleira, Spain
Andrey Alasheev, Russia
Jessica Barlinn, Germany
Francesco Corea, Italy
Gustavo Santo, Portugal
Silvia Tur Campos, Spain
Geert Vanhooren, Belgium
Bojana Zvan, Slovenia