Stryker aims to make more possible with new partnerships in stroke care

Stroke care has seen considerable advancements in the last few years. Stryker, one of the world’s leading medical technology companies, has played a significant role in these advancements. In addition to expanding its portfolio to include a full offering of innovative stroke products designed to remove blood clots in the brain quickly and efficiently, it has one of the longest-running Fellows Program in the industry and its investments in clinical trials like MR CLEAN and DAWN Trial have led to meaningful changes in stroke treatment guidelines.

While treatment options have improved, time is still an important factor for good outcomes, and a large portion of patients who could benefit from treatment do not receive it in time. Quickly diagnosing stroke and getting eligible patients to the right hospital for treatment remain the biggest challenges facing stroke care systems today. A delay in just one step of the patient pathway can prevent successful treatment.

Now Stryker is tackling that challenge by teaming up with two of the leading stroke software providers – Allm and Brainomix – to close the loop on efficient stroke care in Europe.

Allm’s Join software enables hospitals to streamline access to patient information and imaging, allowing them to request and track patient transfers, consult on treatment decisions, and ensure the stroke team’s readiness upon a patient’s arrival.  Stroke teams can discuss patients via video and text, securely, and in real time.  Meanwhile, Brainomix’s e-Stroke is an AI-powered software platform that provides real-time interpretation of brain scans, enabling physicians to swiftly diagnose stroke and make treatment and transfer decisions.  The two offerings together will allow stroke teams to identify stroke patients more quickly and accurately, discuss treatment decisions in real time while protecting patient confidentiality, and get patients to treatment more quickly.

By joining forces with Allm and Brainomix, Stryker is now able to enhance its traditional product portfolio to offer customers an end-to-end solution that drives efficiencies in each step of the stroke care pathway, thus speeding the time to treatment and increasing the chance for a good outcome for more stroke patients.

Stryker continues to build on its historical foundation of keeping customers at the cutting edge of stroke care. The commercial partnerships are part of a larger initiative that empowers stroke teams through Stryker’s eSKILL (education and training), SKILL Assist (remote proctoring), and StrokEnomics (health economics and clinical efficiency) programs. As more stroke patients are properly diagnosed and provided care, Stryker will continue to work with customers to ensure that world-class therapy is delivered as quickly as possible.

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