ESO Partnered with EAN for Brain 2017

The European Stroke Organisation (ESO) is proud to partner with the European Academy of Neurology (EAN) to present Brain 2017, the 8th annual knowledge exchange symposium in Delhi, India. This two-day educational symposium took place from 20-21 January 2017 and embodies the EAN and ESO commitments to education beyond Europe`s boarders.

“The European Academy of Neurology (EAN) and European Stroke Organisation (ESO) has always been in the forefront of teaching programmes and academic ventures, filled with latest updates in field of Neurology.”
– Dr. Ramesh Patankar, Brain 2017 Programme Director

The faculty was comprised of representatives of the EAN, ESO, and Indian physicians. The programme addressed important neurological diseases and their treatments. Presentations covered epilepsy, stroke, migraine, and pain. EAN faculty included Prof. Paul Boon (epilepsy), Prof. Anish Bahra (migraine), Prof. Claudia Sommer (pain). Prof. Valeria Caso (stroke) represented the ESO. Indian faculty encompassed Dr. Shirish Valsangkar (stroke), Dr. Sita Jayalakshmi and Prof. Bhupendra Chaudhary (epilepsy), and Dr. Debashish Chowdhury (migraine). The small size of the faculty allowed for an intense mutually beneficial exchange between Indian and European faculty members.

The speakers were well received and the audience actively participated in vibrant discussions. 150 selected delegates attended the symposium while another 800 participated from hubs across India. This symposium here in Delhi reflects the importance of Indian neurologists worldwide in research. We look forward to the future by sharing a global roadmap for prevention, care and awareness standards in stroke.

Brain 2017 is made possible by an unrestricted educational grant from Lupin. With the support of a further educational grant from Lupin, EAN will support Indian doctors to apply for a fellowship and training possibility in one of the European Centres of Excellence.