Honouring our esteemed colleagues with the ESO Presidential and Scientific Excellence Award is one of the highlights of ESOC. Each year, ESO presents two awards during the ESO Conference. All ESO members are invited to nominate candidates for these two awards:

ESO Lifetime / Presidential Award

This award is bestowed upon an advanced career person who has made a significant impact on stroke care internationally over many years, someone who has had an important influence on educational or political development for stroke care across Europe or even worldwide. The achievement thus need not be research based but may involve leadership, mentorship, implementation, or changing of attitudes.

ESO Scientific Excellence Award

This award is given to a “rising star”, a mid-career researcher, for whom an award for repeated research excellence could assist advancement to a final career position.

Read more about the 2020 and 2021 ESO award recipients here.

After the deadline, all nominations will be reviewed and evaluated by the ESO Awards Selection committee. Their proposal will be discussed by the ESO Executive Committee, who will take the final decision.

We would like to invite all ESO Members to nominate candidates for either award by using the nomination form.

  • ESO’s Presidential Award;
  • ESO’s Scientific Excellence Award

We look forward to receiving your nominations by 7 March 2022.