5th MENA Conference in Cairo, 18-20 October 2017

During the period between 18-20 October 2017 the 5th MENA stroke conference was held in Cairo. The biggest stroke event in the middle east this year. At the conference, there was a press release to increase stroke awareness in the society that was attended by Prof. Valeria Caso.

There were more than 600 delegates from all MENA countries. Tens of stroke centers presented their experience during this conference. Many workshops on Management of: acute stroke, thrombectomy, post stroke rehab, update on recent trials and guidelines and others. Also workshop for nurse training

The opening ceremony was under the patronage of The Egyptian Minister of health , during this opening ceremony the Minister announces the establishing of more than 25 new stroke unites in all the new hospitals under MOH and establishing of national stroke committee. Also, he announced that acute stroke medications will be provided by MOH for all patients for free. This was a great move for stroke care in Eygpt and the region.

In this meeting we had more than 20 international representative and speakers from:

ESO – Prof. Valeria Caso
SITS- Prof. Nils Wahlgren
German stroke society- Prof. Otto Busse
MENA stroke organization president: Prof. Suhail El Rukn
Pan Arab Union of Neurological Societies: Prof. Chokri Meheri
WFN:  Prof: Riad Guidar: Trustee of WFN

And all regional stroke societies.
Professor Hany Aref the president of the congress (Ain Shams university Cairo) stated that yearly incidence of stroke in Egypt is 270 thousand, of whom 75 thousand are left disabled. Few years ago only tens of patients could receive thromobolytic therapy. This year hundreds of patients were thrombolysed and the number is increasing exponentially. Also thrombectomy started to be standard practice as a part of acute stroke management in many centers.

Report by Hany Aref