18 March 2022

The European Stroke Organisation deplores the war in Ukraine and stands by its position that the Russian invasion in Ukraine and indiscriminate attacks by Russian military forces are unjustified and wrong.

As an academic society, we unite to reduce the burden of stroke and today we unite to hope for peace in Europe and to help reducing the suffering. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people and our colleagues but also with all Russian colleagues and other citizens who are opposed to the war and condemn this act of violence.

Armed conflict directly endangers patients and health professionals, and disrupts the safe and effective delivery of treatment to patients with stroke. ESO has undertaken multiple measures to support the people of Ukraine and to aid humanitarian efforts.

Aside from donating EUR 10,000 to Médecins Sans Frontières, ESO has now established a Task Force (TF4UKR), which is in daily contact with colleagues within Ukraine to actively support any relief efforts needed with a focus on stroke care. The Task Force will work closely with our professional community to directly assist medical professionals and patients in need. Specifically, ESO will assist colleagues to get in touch with neurological departments nearby and obtain an “observership” status within the hospital. If you are in need of this assistance, please contact us: ukrainesupport@eso-stroke.org. Those who are willing to support and/or sponsor initiatives for stroke patients and stroke physicians in Ukraine please contact ESO at: ukrainesupport@eso-stroke.org.

As additional support to our Ukrainian colleagues, ESO will waive registration fees for any Ukrainian stroke physician (member and non-member) wishing to attend the upcoming European Stroke Organisation Conference (ESOC) online or in person.

In addition, any member of the Ukrainian Anti-Stroke Association or Ukrainian Stroke Medicine Society can apply for full ESO Membership for the years 2022 and 2023 at no charge. This guarantees first-hand information about ESO and scientific news and includes access to the ESO Stroke Education Platform (eSTEP).

As a scientific, apolitical society, ESO believes in uniting people through stroke science and its mission of improved stroke care. ESO will not exclude individual members who share our values and principles from its educational offerings and scientific events.

ESO remains committed to support Ukraine and appeals for an instant and peaceful resolution of this conflict.

Martin Dichgans

Peter Kelly
President Elect

Else C. Sandset
Secretary General

Bart van der Worp
Past President

Georgios Tsivgoulis
Vice President

Daniel Strbian

Diana Aguiar de Sousa
Member at Large

Thorsten Steiner
Member at Large

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