Author: Dr. Inna Lutsenko, ESO PR and SM Committee and Andrey Alasheev, ESO Telestroke Committee

Twitter: @inna_lutsenko

The TC Committee prepared the new workshop „Quality management in telestroke” which is released on the ESO website.

In 1999, Levine and Gorman introduced the term ‘telestroke’ as the use of telemedicine to provide neurological consultation for stroke in hospitals lacking this level of expertise (1). Due to a wide difference in stroke care between European countries and the differences in the reimbursement considering the country GDP and insurance coverage, the Telestroke cervices unevenly distributed across Europe. Consequently, the European Stroke Organisation (ESO) Telestroke Committee, following publication of their recommendations report in 2018, surveyed European Stroke Organisation members to map areas of telemedicine activity, the nature of activity, identify underserved regions and provide network examples for those wishing to evolve a new service. The results of the ESO TC Survey will be presented on workshop.

The workshop is specified on the management of the quality of the provided services in the acute stroke departments. Listeners will be able to learn more about the basics and definitions of quality management as well as on telestroke.

Workshop Faculties are Dr. Vaso Zisimopoulou, Prof. Dr. René Handschu and Dr. Dan Ryan.

Vaso Zisimopoulou is the Director of Neurology Department and Head of Stroke Unit for Athens Euroclinic in Athens, Greece. She completed her medical studies in Greece and post registrar education in Neurocritical Care in MI, USA. The realisation that Greece has a diversified coast line with 227 inhabited islands and, as a result, unique challenges in providing stroke care was the primary impetus for her decision to participate in the Telestroke Committee. She is an enthusiast and a zealot of technology in medicine, actively engaging into ongoing collaborations to promote telestroke in Greece.

René Handschu is the Professor of Neurology at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, with special focus on cerebrovascular medicine, telemedicine and quality management.  Rene is also a member of the Committee for Digital Neurology and telemedicine of the German Neurological Society and of the certification board at the German Stroke Society. In the current time Dr. Handschu is chairman of neurology department at Klinikum Neumarkt a 500 bed teaching hospital that is part of the STENO-network in Bavaria.

Dan Ryan is a stroke physician and Director of Stoke Services at Tallaght University Hospital, Dublin; a 500-bed teaching hospital affiliated with Trinity College Dublin. Dan has completed a PhD in stroke, specifically hypotensive stroke and lacunar stroke, and also carried out his stroke fellowship in King’s College Hospital, London. He is the National Telestroke Lead in Ireland. His research interests include hypotensive and lacunar stroke and tele-education.


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