By Hrvoje Budincevic, for ESO EAST Steering Committee

After several online meetings regarding Stroke Action Plan for Europe (SAP-E) on May 3rd, 2022 the SAP-E Workshop held as a face-to-face meeting of leadership and representatives involved in this project. Francesca R. Pezzella, Robert Mikulik, and Valeria Caso were moderators of the Workshop. Bo Norrving presented the overview of SAP-E, and Hanne Christensen reported the implementation of SAP-E. Arlene Wilkie, representing SAFE,  presented the lay perspective of SAP-E.

Guidelines and essentials of stroke care were presented by Thorsten Steiner. Cristina Tiu shared their experience in Romania in improving stroke care and the opportunities of SAP-E. Robert Mikulik shared experiences from ESO EAST that would be useful for SAP-E implementation.

SAP-E success stories were presented by Yuriy Flomin (Ukraine) via video, Ana Catarina Fonseca (Portugal), Fabrizio Pennacchi (Italy), and Nune Yeghiazaryan (Armenia).

The Presidents of ESO (Michael Dichgans)  and SAFE (Hariklia Proios) spoke on the importance of SAP-E for both of their organisations, stakeholders and stroke care in Europe. They presented awards to representatives from 6 countries (Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, Germany, Greece,  and Serbia)  based on significant and exemplary efforts to support, lead, report, and promote the SAP-E in their countries.