In order to further support the Stroke Action Plan Europe (SAP-E), ESO has issued an open call for Chief Operations Officer.

SAP-E is a pan-European project that has set targets for the implementation of evidence-based preventive actions and stroke services until 2030. It was developed by ESO and its partner the Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE), as an advocacy tool to reduce the burden of stroke, through the improvement of care at the national and European levels.

ESO is looking for a motivated early mid-career, academic stroke care professional who is interested in actively shaping the future of how stroke is perceived and treated within Europe.

The SAP-E COO will join the SAP-E Steering Committee and work closely with the SAP-E leadership team. The person occupying the position will support SAP-E Co-Chairs in preparing meetings and presentations from a content and scientific standpoint, as well as in communication with National
Coordinators. The Chairs and the COO will work closely with the SAP-E Head Office to align all administrative support and communication.

Interested candidates can download the call document below for more information, and apply before the 14 November 2022 deadline.

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