view of ESOC conferenceAuthor: Märit Jensen, Ellis van Etten




2023 was a year full of great events, collaborative efforts and significant new research findings in the field of stroke. The ESO YSPR committee has been actively involved in these activities on numerous occasions.

In May, at ESOC 2023 in Munich, Germany offered insights into the latest developments in stroke research and clinical practice including late-breaking presentations of important large clinical trials. Following the success of previous editions, the YSRP Research Design Workshop provided a platform for young researchers to present their projects and receive valuable feedback from experts. We are looking forward to the ESOC 2024 in Basel, Switzerland – you can still submit you application for the YSPR Research Design Workshop at ESOC 2024 here.

Another highlight was the 10th Edinburgh Stroke Research Workshop, which offered aspiring stroke researchers the opportunity to connect with other researchers and develop new research questions. The 10th ESO/ESMINT/ESNR Stroke Winter School in Bern, Switzerland, welcomed 64 participants from 18 countries for this interdisciplinary teaching course. Besides, the 26th ESO Stroke Summer School took place in September in L’Aquila, Italy, where young physicians were provided with expert knowledge in cerebrovascular diseases. Would like to join one of next year’s courses? Then look out for the announcement of the 2024 workshops and do not miss the opportunity to apply.

In collaboration with the European Stroke Journal (ESJ), we continued our European Stroke Journal Young Reviewer Programme. Our selected candidates worked together with their dedicated mentors on peer-reviews. Besides, the YSRP committee is now also involved in the editing of the ESJ’s graphical abstracts, and we look forward to continuing this in the coming year.

The Department to Department Programme continued its mission to facilitate the exchange of physicians between specialized stroke departments. The experiences shared in our ESO blog give an insight into the participants’ experiences and leave no doubt that this programme represents a great opportunity to get to know other systems of stroke care, meet interesting people, and maybe make friends for life. The application is now open for the D2D visits in 2024.

For the ESO blog we will continue to share the latest advantages in stroke research in the coming year, highlight new ESJ papers and report on the activities of the YSRP and the ESOC.

At the end of the year, we would like to thank all ESO members who contributed to the success of the initiatives and events in 2023. Looking ahead, we wish everybody a fantastic new year full of collaboration, innovation, and positive impact on the stroke community.

Happy new year and see you in 2024!

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