Diana Aguiar de Sousa – @Diana_A_Sousa

Ellis van Etten – @Ellis_van_Etten

Open letter looking for ESO bloggers

Since 2016 the European Stroke Organisation has used the ESO Blog as a platform to share news with the European stroke community. It informs the international community about recent publications in the European Stroke Journal and blogs about scientific developments and clinical topics. Besides, the Blog provides coverage about the European Stroke Organisation Conference, informs about ESO workshops, D2D visits, and many more activities . We strongly value the contribution from our ESO members and young stroke physicians and researchers in particular. We believe that their input and social media outreach enforces their position within the international stroke community and contributes to a next generation in European stroke care that is strongly connected.

This fall we are inviting young stroke scientist and physicians who are interested in writing about stroke related topics to contribute to the ESO Blog. The selected candidates will have the opportunity to write blog posts on topics that might be interesting to our readers during the following year and we will recognize their contribution.

We kindly ask you to forward this information to young stroke physicians and doctors who might be interested in contributing to the ESO Blog. Those who are interested can send an example blog post (max 500 words) and their CV to esoinfo@eso-stroke.org before 1 October 2022. For examples of posts and previous topics, please check out the ESO Blog.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Diana Aguiar de Sousa
Ellis van Etten