Earlier this autumn the European Stroke Journal sent out a call for applications for new members of the board of the journal. No less than 33 highly qualified persons announced their interest. A selection has now been made, in which scientific merits, past metrics as reviewer for the journal, gender balance, and geographical distribution have been taken into account.  Special attention has been paid to equalising the gender balance of the board and involving well qualified researchers from the younger generation.

We warmly welcome the following persons as new members of the board:

Anna Bersano

Daniel Bos

Israel Fernandez Cadenas

Barbara Casolla

Bastian Cheng

Gian Marco De Marchis

Nele Demeyere

Ana Catarina Fonseca

Bianca Fuentes

Petra Ijäs

Dalius Jatuzis

Elias Johansson

Aresteidis Katsanos

Dearbhia Kelly

Zhe Kang Law

Xinyi Leng

Linxin Li

Marco Pasi

As part of the regular renewal of the board, we want to thank warmly the following persons who have served on the board for six years since the start of the journal, and who now leave the board:

Ale Algra

Oscar Benavente

Martin Brown

Antoni Davalos

Franz Fazekas

Werner Hacke

Jaap Kappelle

Kursad Kutluk

Peter Langhorne

Maarten Lansberg

Ayrton Massaro

Peter Sandercock

Nils Wahlgren

Lawrence Wong

The rotation of the board will be effective by the turn of the year. The term for new board members is three years with the possibility of renewal for a second period.

Thank you all for your invaluable support of the European Stroke Journal!

Bo Norrving                Karin Klijn

Editor-in-Chief           Vice Editor