By Hrvoje Budincevic, for the  ESO EAST Steering Committee After not seeing each outher in person since ESOC 2019 in Milan, on May 3rd 2022 the ESO EAST Workshop gathered together again. Nearly 40 representatives from ESO EAST countries came together with the ESO EAST Steering Committee, members of the SAP-E Implementation Committee, and industry partners. This workshop is traditionally organised a day before ESOC, as a face-to-face meeting/workshop. As in previous years representatives from 21 countries have met to share their achievements, progress, and raising issues by exchanging experience in stroke care improvements in their countries. ESO EAST is the comprehensive international program for improving stroke care in Europe, initiated by the ESO in 2015 initiated by former ESO President, Valeria Caso and ESO EAST Chair, Robert Mikulik. The 2022 Workshop was chaired by Valeria Caso, Francesca R. Pezzella, Natan Bornstein and Robert Mikulik. Peter Kelly, ESO President-elect visited the workshop and stressed the role of exchange of experience and the value of ESO individual membership. Special focus was put on the Registry of Stroke Care Quality (RES-Q) which became a global stroke registry for monitoring the quality of stroke care. Achievements in ESO EAST countries were discussed in a very friendly and constructive atmosphere. Current projects (IRENE, RES-Q+, and V4H) and future projects (stroke rehabilitation monitoring) were presented, The current collaboration between the ESO EAST team with Stroke Action Plan for Europe (SAP-E) representatives and Angels Initiative representatives was reported and a brief discussion about future possibilities followed. Experience from improving stroke care in Ukraine and Azerbaijan and the task force for Ukraine was presented separately. Fociused groups discussed elements of the RES-Q registry. The RES-Q Registry is open to all countries, which are interested to improve their stroke care. All are welcome to join the project on The ESO EAST team requires special thanks to Veronika Svobodova and Jennifer Thomsen for their continuous and dedicated work in organizing the Workshop from beginning.  ESO-EAST project is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Boehringer Ingelheim.