Author: ESO ESJ Young Reviewer Programme

Papers published in clinical journals may have a profound influence on care of patients, and so must be reliable. Availability of good reviewers is critical for well-directed, rigorous but fair peer-review assessment of work submitted to a journal. A good reviewer merges hard and soft skills to evaluate originality, significance and reliability of an original work. This can be challenging at times, but guarantees the high standard of published work the European Stroke Journal builds on.

Training in peer-review approaches is often neglected in the core curriculum of stroke physicians. Therefore, the European Stroke Organisation aims to provide training and support in developing reviewing skills, for early career stroke researchers and clinicians.

As an assistant reviewer for the European Stroke Journal, selected candidates have the chance to review articles submitted for the European Stroke Journal for publication while receiving constructive feedback from a mentor.

We are proud to have received over 140 applications for the programme. The competition was tremendous, and we were thrilled to see such a high level of interest in the programme from young scientists all over the world.

After careful consideration, we are happy to announce the names of the candidates who have been selected for the programme. These talented young scientists come from a range of backgrounds and bring a diverse set of skills and experiences to the table.

  • Francesco Arba
  • Anna Podlasek
  • Boris Keselman
  • Juan Marta-Enguita
  • Nina Hilkens
  • Benedetta Storti
  • Rita Magyar-Stang
  • Aikaterini Theodorou
  • Christian Ovesen
  • Lukas Mayer-Suess
  • Boehme Christian

Activities for the selected reviewers are already underway, and we look forward to tracking their progress and development as they hone their skills in peer review of scientific manuscripts. We are excited to see how their participation in the programme will contribute to their professional growth and further their careers in the scientific community.

Stay tuned for updates on their progress, and be sure to keep an eye out for the next application round, which will open again in 2024.

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