This month, in the ESO Committee Corner, we feature The Stroke Action Plan Implementation Steering Committee which was created in 2019 in order to drive European implementation of the Action Plan for Stroke In Europe. The Stroke Action Plan Implementation Committee (SAP-E) is comprised of members representing both ESO and Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE).

The Stroke Action Plan stands on the Helsingborg declarations (1995 and 2006), which have already led to impressive improvements in several countries. With the Action Plan for Stroke in Europe we now aim to push the development in all European countries. The original document was published in the European Stroke Journal in 2018. Since its initial publication, the Action Plan for Stroke in Europe has been adapted into a popular version and translated into several additional languages which can be accessed on SAFE`s website.

The Action Plan consists of 4 overarching targets for 2030:

  • to reduce the absolute number of strokes in Europe by 10%

  • to treat 90% or more of all patients with stroke in Europe in a dedicated stroke unit as the first level of careList Title 2

  • to have national plans for stroke encompassing the entire chain of care

  • to fully implement national strategies for multi sector public health interventions

What is the Stroke Action Plan Implementation Committee doing?

The committee members are working implementing the strategies as defined by the Action Plan: we are setting a strategic framework based on national scientific societies as well as stroke support organisations and anchoring this work to existing international and national health authorities and organisations. We will specifically develop a tool box of support for development of national stroke plans encompassing the entire chain of care, learning and information, key performance indicators and a summary data platform.

There is no ‘one size fits all’: countries have different challenges and resources, we need work to meet the targets all over Europe.

We are looking forward to the first meeting with national representatives at the joint ESO-WSO 2020 stroke conference and hoping for some very busy days in the SAP-E booth in the exposition area of the conference in Vienna 7-9 November.

Want to get involved? Contact your national society or stroke support organisation or reach out to us via

Chair (ESO): Hanne Christensen
Co-Chair (SAFE): Arlene Wilkie
Co-Chair (ESO): Francesca Romana Pezzella
Members (SAFE): Grethe Lunde, Jelena Misita
Members (ESO): Bart van der Worp, Martin Dichgans, Diana Aguiar de Sousa, Robert Mikulik, Cristina Tiu, Urs Fischer
Advisors: Bo Norrving, Valeria Caso
ESO support: Luzia Balmer