An ESO guideline is a document with the aim of guiding decisions and criteria regarding diagnosis, management, and treatment in stroke. In contrast to past approaches, which were often based on tradition or authority, today’s guidelines are based on an examination of current evidence within the paradigm of evidence-based medicine. ESO is therefore following the methodology of GRADE.

2021 is THE YEAR of ESO Guidelines and we are proud that two guidelines (IVT and TIA) and one expedited recommendation (dual antiplatelet therapy) have been published so far and four guidelines will be presented during the first ESO Guideline Webinar on 11 May 2021 (Carotid Stenosis, Covert Small Vessel Disease, acute Blood Pressure Management and Space Occupying Infarction).
For the second half of 2021, another six guidelines and two expedited recommendations are in development.

Local societies may produce their own set of guidelines or adapt them from the existing top-level ESO guidelines. For this, you will need to contact ESO to get the permission to do so.

The GL Board closely collaborates with the Executive Committee, the ESJ Editors and Publisher’s SAGE. All members of the GL Board including the Subcommittees (GWC and GPC) are highly committed to their task.

Developing guidelines is one thing, there is however much more with which the GL Board is dealing on a daily basis. MAGICapp – the progressive web application, which will be launched in May this year, producing guideline videos to deliver key messages to name just a few things.

Are you interested in developing guidelines? Join our next Guideline Development webinar on 25 May to learn more about how you can become involved in writing guidelines.

Guideline Board Members

Guillaume Turc (Chair, France)

Simona Sacco (Co-Chair, Italy)

Anne Hege Aamodt (Norway)

Blanca Fuentes (Spain)

Pooja Khatri (USA)

Eleni Korompoki (Greece)

Christian Nolte (Germany)

Terry Quinn (UK)

Daniel Strbian (Finland)

Georgios Tsivgoulis (Greece)

Guideline Workshop Committee (GWC)

Gian Marco De Marchis (Switzerland)

Jan Purrucker (Germany)

Guideline Publication Committee (GPC)

Joan Marti-Fabregas (Spain)

Marialuisa Zedde (Italy)