Department to Department Visit Programme Report by Csilla Forro

Report by Csilla Forro

Throughout the ESO Department to Department Visit Programme I had the opportunity to gain both experience and theoretical knowledge in acute stroke management at Hungary‘s leading Institute in this field – the National Institute of Clinical Neurosciences of Budapest.

During my fellowship I participated in the morning meetings where challenging cases were discussed in detail, following which I joined the team of the Stroke Unit at their daily ward rounds and discussions. I had the opportunity to clarify my previous questions concerning my doubts on particular clinical cases and their management practices, as well as to review the 2018 AHA guideline for the early management of patients with acute ischemic stroke.

I participated in the assessment of suspected stroke patients- from the bedside examination to choosing the best treatment options, gaining not only practical experience, but a broad view on situation management in particular settings.

Since this Institute has been one of the pioneers in developing neurointerventional techniques and performing over 800 neurointerventional procedures annually, they belong to the most experienced  specialists all over Europe. I had the posssibility to receive high- level training in neuroimaging techniques in acute ischemic stroke- learning how to assess early ischemic changes and cerebral collateral circulation on CT scans in order to be able to choose the best therapy for the patients.  I went into the catheterization laboratory during endovascular procedures (mostly mechanical thrombectomy), being explained the different techniques and being given explanation about the techniques used.

I strongly believe that being able to train in the above mentioned Department contributed to both my professional and personal growth and I would like to thank Prof. dr. Anita Kamondi, Prof dr. István Szikora, Dr. Balázs Kis and their whole team for the kindness, devotion  and support I was given.