Over the past year, the European Stroke Journal (ESJ) has increased the publication of visual abstracts together with articles published in the journal. These abstracts aim to summarize key features of each article largely relying on visualization to enable readers to screen articles at a quick glance. At the same time, these abstracts provide authors an opportunity to catch the attention and make readers want to read the full article.

We, the ESO Young Stroke Physicians and Researchers Committee (YSPR), support the design of the visual abstract together with the authors and our medical illustrator (many thanks to Debbie Maizels for great illustrations!).

In the past year, we have published a large number of beautiful and informative visual abstracts and received a lot of positive feedback. 

To identify the best out of these abstracts, we would like to announce the first annual competition for the best visual abstract published across the preceding year in the ESJ. We invite all readers of the ESJ and members of the ESO to participate in our voting. A pre-selection of the Top 10 visual abstracts was made by the YSPR members. Now it is up to you to choose the best! You will be able to view all 10 abstract and assign each abstract a score reaching from 0 (rather poor) to 5 (excellent). Based on the voting of all participants the winner will be chosen. Feel free to share the link with colleagues. The winner of the best visual abstract competition will be announced at ESOC 2024 in Basel. 

We look forward to ESOC 2024! 

Märit Jensen & Michele Romoli for the YSPR committee