Call for Venue

ESO is excited to announce the Call for Venue nominations for the 2024 European Stroke Organisation Conference (ESOC). Choosing a venue for a future conference has political, financial and logistical implications and hence requires careful consideration. ESO has put efforts in defining a process that follows democratic principles and secures transparency. ESO cordially invites venue nominations from ESO members in good standing for consideration by the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.

The selection of ESO Conference venues is based on rotation around Europe. Given the rapid growth of the conference, ESO will make every effort to rotate evenly but logistic and strategic aspects will need to be taken into consideration.

Nomination and Evaluation

The nomination should come from a national or regional neurological or stroke society, and not from a conference venue. Below you will find an overview of requirements for ESOC 2024, and for the nomination itself.

We look forward to receiving your nominations by 20 November 2020.

Please ensure that your nomination is in line with the below listed requirements. The application for holding an ESO Conference is a two-stage process. A final and detailed bid is requested only after your venue has been shortlisted.

The Executive Committee will discuss all nominations and can propose an additional three cities, which will subsequently be discussed with the Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) in light of available dates, competing conferences, etc. Finally, a shortlist will be determined, partly based on additional information collected by the PCO.

ESOC 2024 – Venue Requirements

  •  City: City in a secure and politically stable European country. The city should be well accessible (especially by train or plane) and have a good public transportation system.
  • Meeting month: May
  • Length of meeting: 3 days (plus 2 days pre-conference setup and possibly 1 day post conference for dismantling), usually Wednesday to Friday
  • Size: approximately 5,000+ persons

Past ESO Conferences Overview

2015: Glasgow (Northern)

2016: Barcelona (Southern)

2017: Prague (Eastern/central)

2018: Gothenburg (Northern)

2019: Milano (Southern)

2020: Vienna (Eastern/Central) – VIRTUAL

2021: Helsinki (Northern)

2022: Lyon (Southern)

2023: to be communicated

2024: ??

Nominations should include the following:

  • Why should your national or regional society host ESOC 2024? Please present a summary (max. 250 words)
  • Why should the city be chosen? Please present a summary (max. 1 page)
  • Support of the city Does the city provide any grants or other benefits to the society?
  • Information about congress centre:
    • Plenary Hall with a minimum capacity of 2’500 seats
    • Overview of the available break-out rooms and exhibition space
    • Overview of additional meeting rooms & areas (poster space, registration, catering, speaker room, office space, etc).
    • Floor plans
    • Facilities/services available, catering options
    • AV
    • Location within the city
  • 2 possible dates in the required month


  • Infrastructure
    • Possibilities for travel to the host city by train.
    • Transportation within the city (access to the congress centre from the airport and the city centre)
  • Accommodation
    • Hotel capacity within the city (including breakdown of categories)
    • Hotel price range (e.g. 4*: € 120.00-200.00)
  • General Information
  • Contact person(s)