BBC Story Works and the NCD Alliance have recently launched a series of short films called Turning the Tide (#TurningTheTide), about the actions being carried out by communities and organisations reduce Non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Each film focuses on significant changes that have made a positive impact on health.

We are proud to share the video on stroke ready hospitals featuring the Angels Initiative and Cristina Tiu, active ESO member and Romanian national delegate to ESO EAST since 2015. In October 2018 a hospital in Romania started working with Angels. Before then they were not able to treat stroke patients according to guidelines. In the first month since starting with Angels, a fellow medical professional suffered a stroke. If he had his stroke just one month earlier, his outcome may have been very different.
Watch his story in the video produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions.

There is another video featuring Angels in Brazil with Sheila Martins, supported by the WSO here: