Welcome to the ESO Certification Platform

Based on the paper “Recommendations to Establish a Stroke Unit and Stroke Centre” the ESO built this important project. It was the task of the Stroke Unit Committee to define the submission documents, the evaluation criteria and the overall process.

The aim of the Stroke Unit Committee is to standardise and equalise care for patients in Europe who have suffered from a stroke. This can be achieved by certification of European stroke units and stroke centres.

The ESO Stroke Unit Committee is proud to be supported by a number of  colleagues in order to evaluate applications for ESO Stroke Unit and ESO Stroke Centre certification.

Would you like to take an active role in the ESO certification auditor team?
Would you like to be an ESO certified Stroke Unit or Stroke Centre?

Find all important information on www.eso-certification.org or contact us directly eso-certification@eso-stroke.org