RES-Q Update April 2018

Dear All,

We’ve arrived at the end of the official 2018 data collection period for RES-Q. We want to thank everyone for your ongoing participation in improving not only quality in stroke care, but in improving the registry as well. We’ve appreciated all of the feedback we’ve had, especially on the newest RES-Q questionnaire. Currently, data from more than 33,000 patients has been contributed to RES-Q, from nearly 450 hospitals, in 42 countries. We will begin processing the data shortly, and will begin distributing results data during the first week of May.

In the event that you still have data to submit, please continue to do so. The official deadline was April 15th, however we have not finalized the data export yet. We expect the do the final data export on April 20th, so there are still a few days left if you would like your data processed prior to ESOC 2018. Additionally, RES-Q is available all year round, so even if you can’t finish your data entry by April 20th, the data you enter is always valuable and will still be processed quarterly. Many hospitals use RES-Q continuously for quality monitoring, and we provide summary statistics and reports for these hospitals at the end of every quarter. Hospitals that continue to enter data are also eligible to receive ESO Angels Awards based on their results from every quarter. You can find more details about the ESO Angels Awards Program here:

Included with this message you will also find the April 2018 RES-Q update. This provides more information regarding data collection, the progress of the RES-Q project, as well as developments for the future. Please take a moment to have a look at it, and as always, we encourage you to send us any feedback you have. We will also be at ESOC 2018 in Gothenburg (, so please come visit us there as well.

We look forward to continuing to work with all of you this year, and we will hopefully see you all at ESOC!

Kind regards,
the RES-Q team