Interview with Saloua Akoudad

Young investigator award winner – 2015

What were you working on when you won the Young Investigator Award in 2015?

I received the Young Investigators Award when working on a paper that addressed the clinical relevance of cerebral microbleeds in the general population. In the Rotterdam study we investigated if microbleeds presence on baseline MRI was a risk factor for future stroke (ischemic or ICH).

How did winning the 2015 Young Investigator Award give your early career a boost?

This award, which I had the honor to receive twice, was a cherry on top of the cake as it marked the end of my PhD. It got me noticed with some international collaborators who were excited to further expand our joined projects.

Any tips for young researchers from your own journey?

Keep believing in yourself and put in the work. Surround yourself with knowledgeable and skillful people from whom you can learn. Your work will get noticed and rewarded!