Interview with Prof. Craig Anderson

ENCHANTED Platform Presentation (2016)

How was your experience presenting at ESOC?

Presenting ENCHANTED results on the effectiveness of low-dose intravenous alteplase in acute ischemic stroke provided the perfect platform to communicate these data on a global stage for maximum impact.

Any important secondary analyses or other trials on this topic since your presentation at ESOC?

While the focus of clinical practice is more towards Tenecteplase rather than alteplase, our ENCHANTED results challenge the view of fixed dosage in all patients and the need for further investigation of the tailoring of thrombolysis treatment according to particular patient characteristics in the modern era of precision medicine to maximize outcomes and reduce risks of treatments.

What is the key message to stroke physicians?

ESOC fulfills all the key requirements of a scientific conference: high-impact science, international audience, balanced program, relaxing atmosphere, and smooth organization in beautiful European locations.