Interview with Prof. Adnan Qureshi

ATACH-II Platform Presentation (2016)

How was your experience presenting at ESOC?

I found presenting at ESOC very rewarding. The sessions are concise and multiple sessions are not ongoing to make it difficult for attendees to join all the sessions. The plenary sessions are well attended.

Any important secondary analyses or other trials on this topic since your presentation at ESOC?

We had multiple secondary analyses such as those evaluating the effect of blood pressure reduction in patients with moderate severity intracerebral hemorrhage and those with excessively high initial blood pressure (>220 mm Hg). We also analyzed the risk of acute kidney injury.

What is the key message to stroke physicians?

The key messages were incorporated into the AHA/ASA guidelines as well. The guidelines recommended reducing systolic blood pressure to around 140 mm Hg and maintaining between 130-150 mm Hg based on the ATACH 2 and INTERACT 2 data.