Breaking News: Cerebrovascular Diseases Classified as Diseases of the Nervous System ICD 11

Raad Shakir and Bo Norrving, ESJ Editor, have received confirmation from the WHO Statistics and Informatics Department responsible for ICD11 of their final decision that cerebrovascular diseases should be placed under Diseases of the Nervous System in the upcoming ICD 11. The decision reverses the erroneous placement of cerebrovascular diseases in Diseases of the Circulatory System held for 62 years since 1955, long felt to be incorrect and of disadvantage for stroke.

The change is visible on the ICD 11 website 

Your support and advice during this long process have been most helpful and we are most indebted to you all. We also acknowledge the strong support from the Ministries of Health in Russia, New Zealand, and Austria, as well as welcome input from a vast number of professional and lay societies.

We thank the WHO Department of Statistics and Informatics, responsible for ICD11 and our Neurology section in the Mental Health Department, for their collaboration on the work on the ICD 11.

Prof Bo Norrving                                                                       Prof Raad Shakir FRCP

Member Neurosciences TAG                                                    Chair Neurosciences TAG ICD11

Chair Cerebrovascular Diseases Group ICD 11                       President

Past President World Stroke Organization                               World Federation of Neurology