Azerbaijan Neurologists` Host 6th Conference

The 6th conference of Azerbaijan neurologists was held on March 16-17, 2017 at the Azerbaijan State Advanced Training Institute for Doctors named after A.Aliyev (ASATID).

In the first part of the first day of the conference, Professor RK Shiraliyeva delivered a lecture on the challenges and mistakes made in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Then the head of the radiology department of the Republic Medical Diagnostic Center, Prof. Ahmed M. was speaking about the role of brain imaging in the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Another lecturer of the conference, the head of the Azerbaijan Medical University’s neurology and medical genetics department, Mahalov Sh.I brought to the attention of the participants the theme of Huntington’s chorea. The director of Scientific Research and Medical Rehabilitation Institute, professor A.V. Musayev gave information about the latest scientific achievements of ischemic stroke treatment and rehabilitation. The head of the radiology department of Republican Medical Diagnostic Center, Professor Ahmet M. gave lecture on the theme of “New approaches of neuroimaging of epilepsy”. The first part of the conference was summed up by the Associate Professor of neurology department of ASATID., R.L.Hasanov who delivered a lecture under the theme of “Approach to the diagnosis of sleep disorders in neurology practice”.

On the second day of the conference lectures were mainly devoted to the problem of stroke. Robert Mikulik, chair of the ESO-EAST project of European Stroke Organization delivered a lecture about the project and Rahim Aliyev talked about the plan of realization of the Project in Azerbaijan. The main goal of the discussion was to improve effective treatment of stroke patients with acute ischemic stroke and to improve implementation of stroke treatment. After the conference, at the neurological department of the ASATID, was held a meeting with the ESO-EAST Azerbaijan Steering Committee and were discussed the next steps for the future plans.