Registry of Stroke Care Quality (RES-Q)

What is RES-Q?

RES-Q is a REgistry of Stroke Care Quality developed under the European Stroke Organisation (ESO) to help physicians monitor and improve stroke care quality. Your participation in RES-Q is the single most important step towards better stroke care.

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How will the RES-Q data be useful?

If you want to improve your outcome, first you must measure how you are doing. The data will be analysed and evaluated every year and based on that every hospital and country will get the feed back. Based on the feed back, recommendation for improvement can be set.

The ESO-EAST Project wants to show the real picture of stroke care in our countries to encourage European and local politics, authorities and other stakeholders to pay attention to stroke care policies and to invest to stroke care improvement, otherwise people will die in vain only because of lack of access to existing effective treatment.


Contribution is easy!

RES-Q collects 24 variables, most of the questions require simple Yes/No answers. RES-Q will collect recognized performance and quality measures, based on the work in “Cross-National Key Performance Measures of the Quality of Acute Stroke Care in Western Europe”, published by Bo Norrving et al. in Stroke 2015. 
We collect data from the patient cases for only one month per year. The month is designated and communicated by your Country Representative.

Data entry takes only 3 minutes per case!

Read the latest RES-Q update

RES-Q update Feb 2017