ESO-EAST and RES-Q at International Stroke Conference

The majority of the ESO EAST (Enhancing and Accelerating Stroke Treatment) Steering Committee met yesterday at the ISC in Los Angeles CA. Members who weren`t attending the ISC were able to phone in for a truly international discussion.

ESO EAST initiated in 2015 is the first comprehensive programme of improving stroke care in Europe. ESO EAST aims to bring together physicians from Eastern European countries, in order to optimise and implement Stroke Care best practices in their countries and to start a mutual and fruitful collaboration. ESO EAST has been implemented in more than 25 Eastern European countries as the project enters its 4th year.

As the ESO EAST project enters its 4th year, it counts several successes. One of the most apparent outcomes of ESO EAST is the Registry of Stroke Care Quality (RES-Q). Committed ESO EAST country delegates have been imperative to the success of RES-Q by recruiting local hospitals and stroke centres to record and input data. RES-Q gives participants the ability to measure the quality of stroke care which is the most important step to improving stroke care. RES-Q is free to use and open to all countries.  There are more than 18,500 patients and 300 hospitals from 35 countries enrolled in RES-Q. Register your centre in RES-Q today.

ESO EAST country delegates are also working on bringing attention to the quality of stroke care in their countries through organising local workshops public awareness campaigns and participating in World Stroke Day. In addition, many ESO EAST country delegates submitted abstracts to present at ESOC 2018.

Moreover ESO EAST has been a strong partner of the ANGELS initiative which aims to optimise the quality of treatment in stroke centres.  ANGELS consultants help stroke units and stroke centres to improve and attain ESO Certification.

ESO-EAST was initially planned for the period 2015 – 2019 (at least). At yesterday`s meeting the steering committee, together with sponsor representatives, unanimously voted to extend the programme until 2022 (at least). The ESO EAST Steering Committee is comprised of; Robert Mikulik, Czech Republic – ESO-EAST Chair, Valeria Caso, Italy – ESO President, Natan Bornstein, Israel, Francesca Romana Pezzella, Italy, Veronika Svobodova, Czech Republic, Milan Vosko, Austria, Jennifer Thomsen, ESO Head Office.

ESO-EAST is supported by independent and unrestricted educational grants from Boehringer Ingelheim and EVER Pharma. We are grateful for their support and look forward to continuing to grow the ESO EAST project together.