Public Relations Committee

The ESO Public Relations (PR) Committee is most visably responsible for the organistaion of the monthly newsletter as well as the daily newsletters at the annual ESO Conference (ESOC). The committee works, often behind the scenes, to engage members and support ESO initiatives. The PR Committee closely collaborates with the Social Media and YSPR Committees.

For 2019, we are looking forward to introducing new features in the monthly newsletter, including this committee corner where members can learn more about the important work each of the ESO committees are taking on. We are also interviewing a group of prominent FESO this year in an effort to learn more about our established membership.  We have a few more special features to roll out as the year goes on and hope you will be happy with the direction of the newsletter.

PR Committee members

Marialuisa Zedde (Chair), Italy
Anita Arsovska, Macedonia
Cornelia Brunner, Austria
Pietro Caliandro, Italy
Kailash Krishnan, UK
Else Charlotte Sandset, Norway
Paola Santalucia, Italy
Derya Uluduz, Turkey