ESO Newsletter – Committee Corner: Stroke Unit Committee

Members of the Stroke Unit Committee

The ten members are stroke neurologists or stroke physicians from ten different countries, all well experienced in clinical work, teaching and research. Many of them have done high-quality work for improvement of stroke care for years, and all have excellent knowledge about all links in the long chain of stroke care. Members have a term of four years, and the chair has an additional term of four years for contributing to international ESO Stroke Unit and ESO Stroke Centre certification work that has been possible since May 2016. All members are working for free during their terms in the committee, and continue their work thereafter as national auditors without an official time limitation, and as long as they remain involved in clinical work, teaching and research.

ESO Certification Platform

The actual members of the committee are:

Ulrike Waje-Andreassen (chair, Norway)
Laurent Derex (France),
Diederik WJ Dippel (The Netherlands),
Stefan T Engelter (Switzerland),
Damian Jenkinson (United Kingdom),
Darius G Nabavi (Germany),
Dilek N Orken (Turkey),
Ondrej Skoda (Czech Republic),
Ivan Staikov (Bulgaria),
Andrea Zini (Italy)

European Stroke Organisation certification of stroke units and stroke centres. Eur Stroke J 2018;3:220-6.