Reserve your place in WS05 or WS06 Simulation Workshop offered at ESOC2017

Thrombolysis and the novel endovascular stroke therapies for patients with large vessel occlusion have the power to save many stroke patients from disability if the promising results of the rigorously conducted clinical trials can be translated to the breadth of stroke ready hospitals. In order to achieve this, it is crucial that interdisciplinary teams of health care professionals from different backgrounds (paramedics, ER and stroke nurses,  neurologists, neurointerventionalists and anaesthesiologists) work together as a team.

This simulation workshop is intended as a primer for colleagues who plan to set up a structured stroke team and consider regular simulation trainings as a means to improve their team’s performance. We believe that joint simulation training of this can tremendously improve the quality of acute stroke care („train together who works together“).

We will present different concepts how to organize a stroke team from our experience in German and Czech stroke networks and actively invite participants to present their solutions. Exemplary workflows and measures to cut down on periprocedural times are presented.

A round of simulation with a newly mixed team in an unknown surrounding will demonstrate the importance of communication – sharing of knowledge, precise communication, planning ahead, inclusion of all team members. This allows the „self-experience“ of being part of a simulation for some of the participants while the rest of the group observes how to create a meaningful simulation and how to give feedback that values the participant, allows self-reflection and empowers the participants to make positive changes to their habits individually and as a team.

After a discussion of the didactic fundamentals of simulation, the workshop closes with a second round of simulation and feedback.

One of our aims is to encourage interdisciplinarity in acute stroke care. Therefore, interdisciplinary teams of physicians and nurses from the same department will receive a surprise present. Registration is mandatory and will be handled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please register for either WS05 or WS06 as the content will be identical.