ESO Webinar: Moyamoya Arteriopathy: Clinical Features and Management


18:30 - 19:30

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Join us for the ESO webinar “ESO Webinar: Moyamoya Arteriopathy: Clinical Features and Management” on 18 December 2023.

The aims of the Educational Webinar series support the mission of ESO promoting the education of young stroke physicians across Europe. This ongoing educational series seeks to provide a balance between an interactive webinar and didactic teaching.

During this webinar, Prof. Peter Vajkoczy and Dr Stéphanie Guey will discuss Moyamoya Arteriopathy, its clinical features and management. An interactive discussion among presenters and participants will be moderated by Dr Anna Bersano and Dr Vojtech Novotny.

The ESO Educational Webinar series is free and open to all for registration to join the live event.
ESO Members will be able to access all recordings on-demand via eSTEP, as an exclusive member benefit.

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