Angels Initiative Virtual Train the Trainer Workshop


22/06/2020 - 07/07/2020    
All Day

Event Type

Event Description

The purpose of the workshop, is the following:
– To agree on the strategy and the goals for the initiative in the represented hospitals and countries.
– Based on our experience in the hospitals we have identified specific topics that could be optimized. With this in mind we developed an interactive training package, as an example of how this could potentially be implemented in the country and hospitals. The workshops are hands-on and discussion based sessions, where we aim to promote practical solutions on how to optimize and standardize the stroke pathway (Hyperacute workshop), simplify and streamline the medical decision making process (Decision making workshop), simplify through a stepwise approach the CT imaging interpretation (CT imaging workshop). Our event also covers the importance of quality monitoring and data collection (Quality monitoring session), how to include in-hospital dummy patient simulations on daily hospital training (In-hospital simulation session) and the importance of the pre-hospital organization and engaging with the pre-hospital staff in order to achieve optimal DTT times (Pre-hospital session).


Targeted Participants

The Angels Initiative is currently active in 21 European countries, and has dedicated Angel consultants working with the hospitals, in 12 of these countries. For the remaining 9 countries we organize these Train the Trainer workshops, in Germany, and we ask each country to nominate 3 representatives to attend the workshops. Targeted participants are mainly strokeologists and neurologists and to a lesser extent also stroke nurses.


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