ESO Fellowship – FESO

Have you seen colleagues with a red ESO Fellow ribbon at ESOC? We invite you to distinguish yourself as a FESO.

The European Stroke Organisation is a thriving community making a major contribution to improving the lives of stroke patients and their families across Europe. The ESO conference is the most important annual event ESO organises where major scientific advances in stroke care are presented. The ESO Fellows are a group of senior individuals appointed on the basis of their scientific expertise, leadership in improving stroke care and willingness to be active in ESO. Fellows bring their expertise in to supporting committees, ESOC teaching courses, ESO summer school and working as ESO ambassadors in their own country of origin. The Council of Fellows will be discussing establishing a mentoring scheme where Fellows support younger ESO colleagues develop their research, service improvement and leadership skills.

ESO members who wish to apply to be a Fellow should have at least five publications on stroke or cerebrovascular diseases in international journals with peer review and an impact factor greater than 2, have participated regularly in ESO Conferences. Applications should be sent to the ESO Chair of the Council of Fellows, with a CV, letters of support from at least two fellows, and a covering letter indicating the applicant`s planned commitments and contributions. Applications are particularly encouraged from individuals in Eastern European countries, and women.

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