Hirnschlag - was folgt danach?


16:00 - 18:00


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The lack of a dedicated patient organisation for stroke survivors in Switzerland has led to a public event being held on this topic. Other countries have successfully established such organisations and it is important to take up this issue to discuss the possibility of creating a similar body in Switzerland. The aim of this event is to highlight the importance of patient organisations for stroke survivors, to provide insights into the process of setting up such an organisation and to lead a discussion on why Switzerland needs such an organisation and what steps are necessary to achieve this.

The following objectives are to be achieved with this event:

– Raise national awareness of the need for a patient organisation for stroke survivors in Switzerland.
– Facilitate discussions and connections between stakeholders.
– Researching best practices from other countries in the establishment of stroke patient organisations.
– Initiate a dialogue on the importance of such organisations for ethical, clinical and social support.
– Identify potential leaders and advocates for the establishment of a patient organisation for stroke survivors.

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