Dr. Bart van der Worp

Utrecht, Netherlands
Past President

Bart van der Worp is a neurologist with a special interest in cerebrovascular diseases at the University Medical Center in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He has been (co-)Chief Investigator of the randomised clinical trials HAMLET, PAIS, COOLIST, and VAST and is (co-)Chief Investigator of PRECIOUS (www.precious-trial.eu), APACHE-AF (www.apache-af.nl), and MR ASAP (www.mrasap.nl).

He is a member of the recently founded Dutch CONTRAST consortium (https://www.contrast-consortium.nl) which aims to identify and test new treatments for patients with acute ischaemic stroke or intracerebral haemorrhage through a range of follow-up trials to MR CLEAN.

Three years of preclinical work in the 1990s have aroused his interest in the translation of findings from animal stroke studies to clinical trials, which he aims to improve together with other members of CAMARADES (www.dcn.ed.ac.uk/camarades).