The ESO Stroke Quality Improvement Project

ESO promotes the Stroke Quality Improvement Programme

“As ESO’s mission is to foster greater adherence to current ESO guidelines throughout Europe on stroke management, ESO fully shares the declared objectives outlined in the Angels Project. ESO congratulates the organisers for this desirable initiative and will actively monitor and support its progress.” Valeria Caso, ESO President Urs Fischer, ESO Secretary General


Our mission is simple. To increase the number of patients treated in stroke ready hospitals and to optimise the quality of treatment in all existing stroke centres. We are building a community of at least 1,500 stroke centres and stroke ready hospitals, working every day to improve the quality of treatment for every stroke patient.



RES-Q is the stroke care quality registry initiated by ESO-EAST (European Stroke Organization – Enhancing and Accelerating Stroke Treatment) to help all participating countries improve their stroke care system.  The registry was designed to capture the essential metrics for quality improvement, while minimizing your workload for participation. By registering your centre, users, and data here, RES-Q can provide you with continuous monitoring, evaluation, and improvement of stroke care quality.



SITS offers a world leading platform for high quality stroke patient data from over 180 000 patients in over 1600 stroke centres with over 3000 users. By using SITS registries for i.v. thrombolysis/thrombectomy and other treatments, you will be able to follow outcomes for quality improvement, prepare reports for local presentation, compare with national and international partners in real time by online reports, use your own data for research and share access to a global stroke research platform.


The European Stroke Organisation strongly supports participation of stroke centres in quality improvement programmes in stroke care. Angels is a quality improvement programme endorsed by ESO. Within Angels, quality measures will be captured by the RES-Q and SITS registries. Your participation in this quality improvement programme will be recognised by ESO. Based on your performance in the various measures your hospital may achieve Gold, Platinum or Diamond status and be acknowledged with a corresponding ESO award.

The Angels quality improvement programme is complementary to the stroke unit certification system run by ESO, the stroke care guidelines developed and published by ESO, and the educational activities coordinated by ESO.

To JOIN the ESO Angels Awards programme you must apply.

When you have registered and entered your centre information into the ESO Angels Awards Database you will be able to log in to the database and read your status. Your information is updated annually from the stroke registry or stroke registries you have indicated during registration.

The Angels Committees

Aims and Objectives

How to Qualify

ESO Angels Awards Levels

How to Apply

The Stroke Registries

ESO Angels Awards Database


Certification is a key part of improving the quality of patient care by establishing a consistent approach to care, reducing the risk of error. Documenting the patient pathway provides a benchmark for quality, an objective assessment of clinical excellence, and an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in your efforts to provide the highest quality service to your patients. European institutions can fill in detailed information about their own stroke unit or stroke centre on the ESO Certification Platform. The submission will be evaluated by Auditors, and Stroke Unit Committee approved laboratories will be included a database, visible in the public section of the website.

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